The women in the close and around were having issues regarding dresses, combinations, prices, availability, tailor services, tailor charges, clothing materials & stuff and so many other things pertaining to ladies dresses and outfits. We being active members of our nearby society, were used to come across such issues off and on.

Birth of SFK Collections

Therefore, on the basis of above, we thought of this venture. It was just a couple of years ago when SFK Collections came into being. The whole idea was to cater for the solutions for the above mentioned problems for ladies, especially related to shopping for dresses and their various infinite combinations and particularly to very closed acquaintances. Moreover, providing competitive tailor services and taking responsibility for issues related to tailors, was also one of our services.

Re-birth of SFK Collection

We took this venture for many years like this.  The demand was very focused. The customers were just the friends and family. But then a thought came into our mind that why not to give this advantage and edge to a larger public. The advantage and edge of our experience, expertise and hard workman ship in this field. Hence the re-birth of SFK Collection. Re-birth is, that you are reading this article and you are on this website.

Brief Introduction

After re-birth, SFK Collection will be going into three main ventures;

Venture # 01 : Ladies Online Shopping for Dresses, Bags, Shoes & Accessories

We are dealing in ladies garments stitched and un-stitched. We will try to bring the best varieties for you with best fabrics. The price ranges will be the one that will suit to most of the segments.

What makes a dress beautiful? The woman, of course. And our design process is driven by her by you. Fabrics that feel good against the skin, hues that she’ll have trouble choosing in between, fits that bring confidence in her. We try to bring out Your Beauty. At SFK Collection we try to bring many ladies dress brands for you. Many combinations for your outfits.

Similarly, with the passage of time we will offer you with foot wears, bags and matching accessories. So for every moment for every event you will find the exact match here at SFK Collection. This will be the Best Ladies Online shopping fiesta.


Venture # 02 : Ladies Online Shopping Solutions

We will bring tailor services for you. The options will be, either you can give your fabric for tailoring or you can buy from us with tailoring services. Sizes will be submitted to us online.

Moreover, online buying protection and money back guarantee will be available for you if you buy anything online from any store around the world. We will manage the complete section from buying to delivering to your doorstep for you.

Sometimes, it happens that the item you are looking for is not available locally. Therefore, we will give you solution for this.

Venture # 03 : Ladies Online Club

By making a super team with you, the next level where we are taking SFK Collection to is this Club Venture. A level where we will try to match to your every mood with all the possible available outfits with matching accessories. A level where your satisfaction will give SFK Collection confidence to explore new avenues for YOU. A level where YOU will take the ownership of this venture.

Venture 1 & 2 will be the core area of participation for ladies in this club.

If you have any skill, service or product but lacking a platform to sell being a women, then SFK Collection will provide you this platform absolutely free of cost. You can display your product or service by creating and logging into to your member area.

If you have writing skills then you can exercise and sharpen them by writing creative content on issues like Women Dresses Priorities and Fashion Trends etc.

This club will offer short documentaries related to fashion brands, fashion trends, present famous styles pertaining to ladies dresses and outfits.

This club will also address to fitness & health articles. Beauty salon tips for ladies who often do not have time to go to salons on regular basis.

By the Grace of Allah Almighty we will try to achieve our goals with your help.