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Birth of SFK Collections | SFK Collection Re-born | Introduction

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Discover aaShe in You & fly towards aaSma

Discovery & Inner Feelings Sometime what happens in a day instantly, that you will discover a writer in you. Sometimes you discover an actor in you. Sometimes a musician. And sometimes a speaker. A lawyer, an artist, a designer and list goes on and on. But have...

What is Fashion

Definition of fashion varies tremendously from one person to the other. Its all about moods and inner feelings about one own self at one particular moment of time. Usually it is paralleled with the outfits that we wear. Yes to some extent it is true. But the most...

SFK Collections Re-Born

Preamble The women in the close and around were having issues regarding dresses, combinations, prices, availability, tailor services, tailor charges, clothing materials & stuff and so many other things pertaining to ladies dresses and outfits. We being active...


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