About Us

It was just a couple of years ago when we were catering to the needs of our very closely bound acquaintences only. But with the passage of time this demand to supply good, affordable and trendy outfits was increasing. Therefore, for these reasons we have decided to take SFK Collection to a new level.

Making a new TEAM with YOU.

Driving Industry Trends

By looking into your needs & requirements, our every product option will be based on the following four pillars of SFK Collection. This is the result of out intense market research where women of Pakistan of ages 18 to 60 have provided us with these 4 Pillars.

  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Fashion
  • Research

Sourced from Around the Globe

It is not only the local market where we will be looking for avaible best options for you . We are going globally for YOU.

The aim of SFK Collection is to bring the BEST OUTFIT for YOU. 

The aim of SFK Collection is to give YOU the BEST Matching Accessories.

The aim of SFK Collection is to give YOU the best Services.

Our aim is YOUR satisfaction.

Our Affiliates & Our Partners

The founding pillars of SFK Collection. The world recognise them. Our existing customers recognize them. And very soon YOU will also.

The Integrals

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Digital Marketer | Creative Writer

SFK Collection

Chief Designer | Head of Sales

Content Writer


Integer SFK

Art & Color Consultant | Affiliate

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Integer You

The Mentor